Powder Coating – Standard Ovens

Marathon engineers our door frames with heavy duty formed steel to hold the doors in place with heavy grade industrial strap hinges. They are designed to outlast you! Whether you choose the Standard Series or Hi-Efficiency Series, you can depend on maximum structural integrity that is built to last!

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  • Many Standard Models and Any Custom Size!Marathon Finishing has been engineering custom oven solutions for over a decade.
  • Professional Installation by Trained TechniciansWe can have our installation team install, perform start up, and even train your personnel!
  • High Quality ComponentsWe use high quality components from top US manufacturers, such as Absolute Air, Dwyer, Midco, Siemens, Maxon, Cincinnati Fan, Yokogawa, and more.
  • Rugged Heavy Duty ConstructionBuilt with aluminized 18 gauge steel sheeting inside and out.
  • Built for Code ComplianceMeets all national codes for safety and construction.
  • Built to be Productive and ProfitableSafe, reliable, simple. Easy to use, easy to maintain.
  • Easy to Use ControlsOur control panels are made to be easy to use and are UL listed.
  • An Excellent Investment in Your Business!We can engineer systems to work with your existing equipment and increase productivity and profits.

Marathon Finishing Systems has been providing innovative and affordable Powder Coating oven solutions to a broad range of industries for over a decade. All of our products are engineered using CAD software, and a decade of design and engineering has given us unparalleled insight regarding system design and implementation. We can integrate our equipment with existing equipment and production processes. We will work directly with you during the design phase to make sure that you are getting the perfect solution you are looking for.

With hundreds of size and model possibilities to choose from, we have exactly what you need. From small business to heavy industry, whether you are coating single items, or a conveyor production line, we can engineer an oven curing system to meet your exact requirements. All of the ovens we make are compliant to all applicable construction and environmental regulations as well as fire and safety codes.

We take great pride in the fact that we do not manufacture many of the components that we provide with our oven solutions. Some of our competitors manufacture some, or all of the components that are provided with their ovens. They will claim that this is to save you money. In reality, this will force you to buy replacement components from ONLY them, and that money they saved goes into their pocket, not yours.

Don't be fooled! This equipment is complicated, and an aggregate of many components. The components that we provide come from many of the best manufacturers in the world. Companies such as Absolute Air, General Electric, Carrier, LDPI, Dwyer, Midco, Siemens, Maxon, Cincinnati Fan, Yokogawa, and too many others to list. Most have spent decades and millions of dollars making the best components that can be made. These components come with full warranties, are relatively inexpensive, and easy to locate. We let them do what they do best, and we focus on what we do best. You win!

Our philosophy is simple: Design, build and install the best equipment we can, for a very competitive price.

All of our ovens are industrial grade, heavy duty machinery, utilizing aluminized 18 gauge sheet steel on inside and outside walls. Our rugged framed doors are held in place with industrial hinges specifically designed to hold such weight. Heated air ducting directs the heat along the entire length of the oven (adjustable), and distributes uniform heat throughout the oven. These ovens can have roof mounted or rear mounted burners, depending on your requirements, and can use natural gas or propane for fuel.

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